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Started by otakugenx, April 24, 2019, 09:27:56 am

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So, Rev is looking to reset the map.  I was thinking perhaps Rev and the admins could look into maybe making the server more attractive to players who started playing a lot but then stopped or come on rarely. 

My question, please answer below, but if there is an issue directly related to the server, plugins/Mods, game play, etc... what was it?  What can the server do better to keep you playing regularly?
Version: 3.1
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Reviving an old thread.. lets see where this goes.

I find your question very interesting. I think we should not only look at what admins can do for us, rather than what we can do ourselves. Mainly because we do see quite some people around at peek hours, but the main bulk seems to be gone out and live/build on their own.

If we want to be an active and alive online community we should act like one.
- Blast Imgur with cool builds, ideas, plans we're making. This is promotion and motivation for other players.
- Share your adventures/creations with others. Either on discord, this website, Imgur, wherever. It's fun and i'll promise to give you my upvote.
- Help each other out. Either by building, materials, redstone puzzles or anything really.. Be the friendly neighborhood nerd everyone likes.

Than there is the playing alone together part:
We should build more stuff together instead of alone.
Imagen loggin in and finding something new every day. Thats what made the game exciting for me, thats what made the server interesting to come back to. Friendships where made by people building together, hanging out and bullshitting.
If we could get that going again then, i think, we are more than able to get things going again.

As far as things that moderators can do i can think of:
- Try community events. Small fights with unique mobs for unique rewards. Custom dungeons that teams can fight thru (early, mid and late game difficulty). Mazes with a neat reward at the end. Clue scrolls that let you visit player bases and or unique locations and forces people to use the dynmap. (rewards could be decorative blocks like player heads, random XP, special tools or even just diamonds)
- Imgurcraft has always been quite the Purist community. Keep things as vanilla as possible. But maybe some datapacks that enhance gameplay in a way that does not mess with the 'vanilla feel' would be nice. Thinking about Costumizable armorstands  or a playerhead store

thats all  ::)
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