Fish's Fantasticly Fun Treasure Hunt

Started by FishSandwich, July 11, 2019, 11:41:32 am

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Because I needed something to do while I blatantly ignore the interior of my base, I made a small treasure hunt for other people who also want to ignore their ongoing building projects. I've built 6 minecraft creatures all over the map that have some hidden (and if I do say so myself, EPIC) loot to share with whoemever finds it first. This is a COMPLETELY ORIGINAL idea and totally not stolen from that one time Barrendome did it.

1. The Wandering Lord of Llamas

The Wandering Lord of Llamas is the mysterious entity living in the mountains of the Imgurcraft world that gave birth to all the llamas accompanying the Wandering Traders that travel the overworld. It lives somewhere deep in the mountains and only few have ever encountered it, but all who have touched its incredibly soft and silky wool were granted great riches. (tip: it keeps its treasure up its butt)

2. Turtlezilla

Turtlezilla was once an ordinary turtle, until she went for a swim through a nuclear test site. This leisurely swim made her become gigantic in size and also gave her some sort of atomic breath attack in some movies. Luckily for us she is peaceful and just wants to take care of all her babies. Rumor has it that she passed on some of her mutated DNA to her eggs, I wonder if they develop any martial arts skills when they're teenagers.

3. The Shulker King

The Shulker King is a mighty monster, who long ago united all shulkers to built the end cities we all know and love to hate. However, he is sick and tired of all the intrusions in his mighty kingdom and came out to the overworld to serve a dish of sweet, sweet revenge! Just one problem - he forgot he can't really move. Makes him easy to rob.

4. The Lone Guardian

The Lone Guardian was once a staunch protector of an ocean temple, until the temple was raided and turned into a prismarine farm. He alone managed to escape and now wanders the sea in search of a new home. Feeding on squids, fish, dolphins and unaware swimmers and no longer limited by the confines of a temple has allowed him to grow even larger than an Elder Guardian, with an outer carapace that's said to be even tougher than diamond.

5. The Magma Core

Legend has it that at the beginning of time, there were not multiple magma cubes as there are today, but one gigantic magma cube that took up all of the Nether. As the magma cube ate and ate and grew and grew, suddenly, it became too big even for the nether to contain it and exploded, splitting into the smaller magma cubes we know today. The Magma Core is a peculiar creature that once sat at the very heart of this first magma cube, and it still contains some of its ancient power.

6. Endermoron

Unlike the other creatures on the list, Endermoron hasn't really done anything noteworthy. He's just really fucking stupid. Look at his dumbass sitting on that small island. You know why he's there? Because he's completely stuck. There's no land close enough for him to teleport to. What a fucking idiot. Probably believes pee is stored in the balls.

PS: please don't destroy them, just take the loot from the shulker boxes c:


You have made it more difficult than Barren, seeing as the searchground went from 5kx5k to 20kx20k. So obviously this is a completely original idea.


Quote from: Rose on July 11, 2019, 12:20:36 pmYou have made it more difficult than Barren, seeing as the searchground went from 5kx5k to 20kx20k. So obviously this is a completely original idea.

Eh, all the creatures are within a 10kx10k area and there's twice as many of them, so they should be about as common within the area as when Barren did it actually. Also, they can only logically be in areas that are already loaded on the dynmap, because the chunks were loaded when I built there, so it should in fact be easier.

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