1.16 Nether Tunnels

Started by FishSandwich, June 24, 2020, 12:22:00 pm

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June 24, 2020, 12:22:00 pm Last Edit: June 25, 2020, 07:03:29 am by FishSandwich
Howdy folks, it's that time of year again; another minecraft update, another (nether) reset, and another block palette to make a nether tunnel system with! Since the theme of this update is the nether, I had the idea to make every rail be based on one of the new nether biomes, rather than a color like we usually do:

Warped Tunnel (North)

Delta Tunnel (East)

Crimson Tunnel (South)

Soul Sand Tunnel (West)

These designs are a little different from the ones I posted in the discord channel, mainly:
-I replaced the stripped stems in the Warped and Crimson tunnel with non-stripped versions. I made these designs when the first nether snapshot originally came out and I didn't like the looks of the non-stripped stems, but they have grown on me since. They add a bit of texture and color to these two tunnels.
- Previously, the Delta and Crimson tunnel had normal lanterns instead of soul lanterns. While the normal lanterns give off more light and fit the color scheme of these tunnels better, the soul lanterns makes piglins run away, behavior that takes priority over attacking players. Even if we don't spawn proof the tunnels, the soul lanterns make the piglins much less of a problem (they'll still block your boats, though).

Materials needed (500 blocks in every direction):
- 157 stacks of blue ice (nearly 3 double chests full) (0/157)
- 8 stacks of soul lanterns (8/8) provided in raw materials
- 33 stacks of warped stem (9 stacks of which to be turned into warped slabs) (0/33)
- 36 stacks of warped wart blocks (0/36)
- 24 stacks of basalt (0/24)
- 36 stacks of gilded blackstone (0/36) (probably the hardest thing to get...)
- 34 stacks of blackstone (to be turned into blackstone brick slabs) (0/34)
- 33 stacks of crimson stem (9 stacks of which to be turned into crimson slabs) (0/33)
- 36 stacks of nether wart blocks (26/36)
- 24 stacks of bone blocks (24/24)
- 36 stacks of soul soil (0/36)
- 34 stacks of quartz blocks (to be turned into smooth quartz slabs) (6/34)

I added a small, temporary collection of chests across from the spawn nether portal and behind the bulletin board to collect materials we can already gather right now


On second thought, the delta tunnel might not be realistically achievable (even though it looks fuggin dope). I originally made that design in the snapshot the basalt delta biome and blackstone was added - gilded blackstone was in the game at that point, but there was no way of getting it in survival. My assumption was that it would either generate in the basalt deltas or even be craftable, since it was called 'gilded blackstone' and not 'blackstone gold ore'. They didn't add the bastions until the next snapshot, and I only just recently found out the only way to get gilded blackstone is from bastions. Getting 36 stacks of it might just not be realistic or even possible with the world border we have.

I have to say I personally wouldn't be opposed to making it a craftable block (the name already implies as much), not just for the sake of the nether tunnel but also so it can be used as a detail block in other builds. Maybe something like this?


Hey, so, small update; I've convinced myself getting rid of the ice road in favor of a soul soil path (to travel along it with soul speed III) is going to be a better idea for the nether tunnel system in the long run (and maybe even invest in speed beacons all along the tunnels in the long run?), and so, I have changed up the designs a bit. These tunnels sacrifice boat travel to optimize soul speed and elytra travel through the tunnels.

Warped Tunnel (North)

Soulsand Tunnel (East)

Crimson Tunnel (South)

Delta Tunnel (West)

Also note that I swapped the east and west tunnel around, since there is a basalt delta immediately west of spawn, so that seemed more fitting. There's soul soil under all the carpets.

New Materials Needed (500 blocks in every direction):
- 152 stacks of Soul Soil
- 16 stacks of Brown Wool
- 16 stacks of Red Wool
- 16 stacks of Cyan Wool
- 16 stacks of Black Wool
- 4 stacks of Lanterns
- 4 stacks of Soul Lanterns
- 40 stacks of Crimston Stem
- 40 stacks of Warped Stem
- 28 stacks of Basalt
- 28 stacks of Bone Blocks
- 59 stacks of Nether Wart Blocks
- 59 stacks of Warped Wart Blocks
- 59 stacks of Gilded Blackstone
- 39 stacks of Polished Blackstone Bricks
- 39 stacks of Smooth Quartz Blocks


North Rail is completed!

One note: In Discord, I mentioned opening up the roof of the rail that is exposed to actual biomes such as crimson or warped forests. I replaced the stairs in these parts with cyan glass so we can see the ambient environment. Feel free to apply to other rails!

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