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Started by rev_xpurple, November 27, 2016, 01:22:38 am

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Server rules for imgurcraft server
The rules are to be taken seriously and will applicable to everything inside the server, regardless when it occurred.

Ticks Per Second(TPS) -  A maximum value of 20, this value represents the game ticks which all timings in the game is based on. A low value would mean the server is under excessive load and the server will lag.

1. No grief. The amount of grief does not matter.

2. Do not mess with things that does not belong to you without permission.

3. Only consensual PVP is allowed.

4. Actions which puts a significant strain on the server are not allowed.
    In the case of excessive animals/mobs, they will be removed and a sign will be left to let you know, and as a warning.
     a. Excessive number of animals which drops TPS significantly when chunks loaded.
     b. Excessive number of mobs in mob grinders which drops TPS significantly when chunks loaded.
     c. Any other actions that drops TPS significantly when chunks loaded.

5. No cheating client-side mods, including but not limited to:
     a. X-ray mods.
     b. Brightness/Gamma mods.
     c. Hacked clients.

6. Currently allowed client-side mods are:
     a. Optifine or similar client performance improvement mods.
     b. Shaders or things that "beautify" minecraft
     c. Mods that displays armour or status effects
     d. Minimap mods

7. No abuse of bugs that exists in game for any purpose, unless given permission by the moderator team.

8. Cooperate with the moderators, they are here to help, and to keep the server safe and fair for everyone, as well as in working order.

«You can have a dick, you can want a dick, just don't be a dick.  Don't grief, don't mess with other people's stuff without permission.  All griefing reports will be taken seriously.» - rev_xpurple

To claim land you must post in the Claim Your Land board and specify the location with an image showing a "circle" drawn around the area you want to claim.  No "maximum" claim size is set, but don't be a dick.  Claims in general will be assumed to be 256 blocks in every direction from the centre point unless otherwise specified.  If moving in right next to another player, ask first.  They may not want company.  The map is large enough that we should not have deal with these sorts of disputes.  Also, you may build outside your claim.  Just don't make a mess or mess with anyone else's stuff.

Claims - Extra
Each player may have one claim.  Community claims are also allowed, as are special cases such as statues, parks, giant dick towers or whatever on a case by case basis.

More will follow as the need comes up, but lets keep this simple.

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