BOATS ON ICE™ (a T.I.T.S Product) (West rail)

Started by King_Ozymandios, March 29, 2017, 09:58:41 pm

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To all the people of the west rail I have a question for you..... are you tired of having to run up the west rail for hours to get to your destination? Do you have blisters from riding up and down the rail on a horse? Is your ass burned from the fire works used to fly down? Have you ever though to your self " THERE HAS TO BE A BETTER WAY?"!! Well the Testificate Industrial Trading syndicate (Or T.I.T.S for short ) is glad to show off their latest innovation in travel! NOW INTRODUCING......

                                                                                                  ON ICE,,

With BOATS ON ICE,, You can SLIDE to your destination faster than anything else in the game! at an astounding 40 BLOCKS PER SECOND BOATS ON ICE,, is twice as fast as the best horse in the game! With BOATS ON ICE,, you can travel 1000 blocks in TWENTY FIVE SECONDS you heard me right folks that means in the time you ran 100 blocks you could of traveled 615 blocks farther with BOATS ON ICE,,.

The T.I.T.S will be happy to provide you with this wonderful system for the LOW LOW price of.......*drum roll*


All you need to do is agree to our plan and we will construct it FREE OF CHARGE and you may use it as much as you like, this wonderful public transportation will be going directly on top of your current nether rail system for ease of access and use!

T.I.T.S is a proud sponsor of Borderlad's Wood "Proudly polishing knobs since 1979"


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