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Started by MiningMarten, May 10, 2017, 02:17:43 pm

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The end is here.

Yes you read that correctly.
No worries though.. It's not for Imgurcraft, or your experience on this awesome server.
It's over with me being a Moderator in Imgurcraft.

Recent changes in my life, and the way i have to re-arrange my time have lead to me being less and less active and interested in Minecraft.
I might be around in the future. And still pop on from time to time.
But as far as moderating goes i feel like i'll not be able to provide in the way that i want to. And i see no use in being an inactive Moderator.

I had big plans for this server, seen a lot of them come to life, and worked hard to provide the best for everyone on here. But times have changed, and for me it has been enough.

Now, everyone go and enjoy the game as you've always did, and keep being awesome.

Take care!

Have a nice day! | Co-Owner of Pasific? |


As if we would ever allow you to leave. Silly Marten.


Quote from: Rose on May 10, 2017, 02:33:41 pm
As if we would ever allow you to leave. Silly Marten.

I'll just keep giving him back op, it's fine.


Wow.  I mean... -y'know... wow.   :o

Marten, I sure hope the life changes and rearrangementifications are positive ones.
Or if not, then I really hope any negatives ease up sooner rather than later.

Hope we'll still see you on every now & again.
Until then, vaya con queso!

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