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Started by Turbo012, May 22, 2017, 01:49:40 am

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Hi everyone,

I just started playing minecraft again now that summer vacation started.
One of my friends play on the server so I was gonna try it out on a public server and see what vibe is like.

Trying out different mods since I got a new computer compared to last time I played.

Hope to see you guys soon online.



Welcome to the server, hope to see you around soon! It's always cool to see people bringing in friends, who is your friend exactly?

Also, while I love mods as much as the next guy, I should probably add we are a pure vanilla server and you can't actually use any mods on the server. Just so there isn't any confusion ;)


His name is Eric. Should I get his in game name as well?

I read the section about mods. Only think I have is the shaders mod to make it look pretty and trying out NEI/JEI.

But yea, I'm old school so I don't need much.

Just to make sure is the server address "forum.imgurcraft.com"?


I have my guesses on who Eric is :p don't need to know exactly, just curious.

the server address is server.imgurcraft.com, forum.imgurcraft.com is the forum logically.

Ah, those kind of mods. Yeah, those are perfectly fine!

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