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Started by ArvisTheSaviour, June 11, 2017, 01:55:31 pm

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hello everyone i'm ArvisTheSaviour, if you were here almost a year ago you might remember me i am an IRL friend of MrShoe. I have returned to the ImgurCraft server, since i am still white-listed on the server i had to make a new account on the forums but it is no longer linked to my MC account. if there is a way to do that can someone help me out with that?
Also i would like my land to be marked as a player base again.
thank you.

i'm glad to be back.


We switched over to a new forum completely in case you didn't notice, and we no longer have something to link your in game and forum account, since it is no longer necessary. You used to need to link your forum account in order to get whitelisted, but we now just use forum postings, which works just as well.

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