Rounding out the moderator team?

Started by FishSandwich, July 06, 2017, 08:17:33 pm

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Does Imgurcraft need a new moderator?

Yes, just one.
3 (30%)
Yes, more than one.
0 (0%)
No, things are fine as they are.
4 (40%)
No, because everybody in this community is an irresponsible dickhead and I don't trust any more of them with operator powers.
2 (20%)
I don't care, I've got buttered toast.
1 (10%)

Total Members Voted: 10

Voting closed: July 13, 2017, 08:17:33 pm

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Hello everyone, it is me, your friendly neighborhood FishSandwich, here as a stand in for our glorious leader rev who is currently doing something completely legal with swords.

I'm here today to talk to you about a concept we've been throwing around and discussing for a while. I've been added to the mod team a couple months back now, partially as a replacement for Marten who was already spiraling into the depths of inactivity back then. Marten's officially left the team now (like if you cry every time), and while we honestly feel like we have a good coverage on things now (considering activity and ability and such), we'd like to see your opinion on this concept.

Last time a moderator, yours truly, was added to the team, some people were kind of upset. Not because they necessarily disagreed with me becoming a mod, but simply because they didn't have a say in the matter, which begs the question what other decisions would be made without a community vote. We don't want to feel like you aren't being heard, so this is where you can give your two cents (by either voting and/or commenting).

So if it wasn't clear yet, we are thinking of maybe adding another moderator to the team. Nobody specifically, although we've had a few applicants approach rev directly, we're just interested to know if you guys think we need another mod at all. Also I guess if you feel like you'd be a good mod and hadn't applied yet, you can also talk to me or Rev about it and we'll discuss it with the others (I don't know how regularly Chester and Creep check the forums so I don't know if messaging them gets you the fastest exposure).

Please vote in the poll and if you have a strong opinion or idea on the matter, comment below.

Yours sincerely,
Fish the Sand Witch.


I don't really care either way, our server doesn't typically have a lot of problems with griefers, but it would be nice to have mods to cover "shifts" for lack of a better word because sometimes none of the mods are awake when someone has an issue, which also rarely happens.

i think the final decision should be up to the mods.


(I really appreciate this topic, cakes for everyone)

With the current amount of daily players I personally don't think a new mod is necessary. I mean, I'm officially done with school (as of yesterday, got all my firstyear credits, huzza!), so I'll be coming on a lot more, but as of now I am not considering becoming The Imgurcraft Villain of Theft and Destruction.

I feel like it's up to you to determine if there should be an extra mod, but it's up to everyone to determine who that should be. If you say you want an extra, gather up possible candidates and have a community vote or something like that.


New mod would be helpful but I don't think there's a dire need for one.
I'm with the others, final decision is up to you guys.

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