Who's portal is this?

Started by Hippiecheese, October 17, 2017, 10:48:48 pm

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This portal is pretty close to home and I have never seen anyone use it besides me, and it doesn't even go anywhere!


I have studied the strange ruins next to it and have no idea what it is for. If nobody needs this portal I'd like to destroy it and put my own portal up. that way folks can visit me easier and I won't have the risk of getting that debuff from that weird fish thing in the tomb I currently use.
Check out this selfie! https://i.imgur.com/cofqCUI.gifv


Looks like someone was just experimenting.
Maybe ask a mod to check it out to see who put it there, how long ago, and whether that person is still playing?


Thanks borderlad, it's all sorted out now though. Rev deactivated it since there was no telling whose it was
Check out this selfie! https://i.imgur.com/cofqCUI.gifv

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