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Started by bobbobogaming, November 16, 2017, 03:47:57 pm

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I made a Vault, now this is not a Vault like in fallout, but I think you will find this to be quite impressive as well. The exterior is modeled  after the Global Seed Vault in Svalbard, Norway. the plans for the vault was to make it a part storage and part living facility, but as of now i have only gotten a little storage room made, but i think it ready to be shown to the people.

The Vault is accessible from DragginMaster' nether place where there is a marked tunnel to the portal.

The Tunnel at Draggin'

The Tunnel for The Vault

The Vault' Nether Hub

The Vault' elevator in the end of a hallway

One of 2 piston doors

The storage room as it is atm

If you visit dont take enything from the chests without asking me first. But if you whant you can make som chests for the last 2 rows and claim them.


I found the vault one day, it was pretty cool!
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This place is freaking amazing!


I  have been testing doors and ID systems for the personal vault rooms and have made it all working, its a bit big but i think it really works with what i whant the vault to feel like.

Now there is the matter of the room size and i figured that i should ask you guys how big you whant them as i whant it to be for and by the community. the rooms need to be at least 11 wide and will be around 9 tall and there is no specified depth, so how big do you guys whant them.

Also how many rooms should i put per floor?

Also do you guys whant redstone space on the side of the rooms?


Build with room for expansion if needed. I will offer any help I can give to the project as well!
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Sorry if I didn't communicate it right but i ment it as in each room whould be a specifik players, and then the player would decorate his/her room the way he/she whants.


Oh I know! I meant build with room for expansion as the community grows!
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I've done a bit more work, not a lot, but I'm gonna open up for applications for a vault residence.
Some of the reasons I'm doing it like this is:

1. I need to do passports for all the personal vault doors and i whant to keep a spare if owners lose them or for other reasont they chould be of use (I'll keep them hidden, and i will not use them whitout you knowing.)

2. There may be some other things that comes with the vault residence than just the passport and a room ;D .

3. I whant to be sure I know the name of every resident and have some sort of ability to get contact with them, for things like custom vault doors or other reasons.

4. Others I'm not thinking of atm

Edit: it may be a bit much to call it applications, as i only need to know who whants a place and where they live.


impressive! I missed this. Awesome job bob.
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