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Claim your land / bobbo's new big project
June 13, 2019, 01:44:28 pm
I would like to claim the area around  -2000 -2000.
If anyone would like to build in the big area, message me on discord, im sure we can figure something out.
Community / Project new world storage security
April 25, 2018, 07:36:15 am
With the opcoming new world, comes new builds and new projects. I did "The Vault" community build for the current world and i whant to do it again, but this time i whant it to be bigger and better in every way, i whant to have more people with rooms, i whant to make it all more spacy.

So that brings me to a couple of questions:
In order to give me a lot of room to work with, then i was thinking of puting it a ways away from spawn, but im unsure if this will hurt the user base to much. so you do you guys think do you whant it closer, but scaled to only slightly larger than the current one?

Next up is the question of looks over functionality? every thing will look good either way and all the cool redstone and features will still be there. but i whant to know if its more important for you to have a fast nether path or you whant an amazing looking path?

There may be more questions later.

When i comes to the theme. i dont whant to say anything before i see the map, as i have a lot of ideas that fit into different bioms.

I hope you all whant to join the new world's edition to the vault series.

Ps. im thinking of adding some paid bonuses to the place, but more on that later.  ;D
General Discussion / Me and my demons
November 29, 2017, 01:12:28 pm
As many may know I have had it rough before. Now, sadly, it is sorta returning. I have fighting for a long time, still am and I will continue doing so. But I'm once again falling in a hole. I wake up everyday hoping that I never have to leave my bed, then I spend most of my day waiting for school to end so I can go home and hide behind a screen while distracting myself to keep myself under control, as I dont wish to keep lying down in my bed crying over how emty i feel. I am unsure of who I was before I shut myself away from the world, hideing behind my mostly fake smile. I feel no motivation to do anything at all and therefor only do what i whant when I whant, even if I know it will have undesirable consequences.

Anyway sorry for the little rant. And dont worry to much I can control it, besides this is nothing compered to what it has been, but people say it helps to get it out there.

This is only partly efficting how active I am on the server. I plan to keep being more or less active until it is no longer possible.
Community / The Vault
November 16, 2017, 03:47:57 pm
I made a Vault, now this is not a Vault like in fallout, but I think you will find this to be quite impressive as well. The exterior is modeled  after the Global Seed Vault in Svalbard, Norway. the plans for the vault was to make it a part storage and part living facility, but as of now i have only gotten a little storage room made, but i think it ready to be shown to the people.

The Vault is accessible from DragginMaster' nether place where there is a marked tunnel to the portal.

The Tunnel at Draggin'

The Tunnel for The Vault

The Vault' Nether Hub

The Vault' elevator in the end of a hallway

One of 2 piston doors

The storage room as it is atm

If you visit dont take enything from the chests without asking me first. But if you whant you can make som chests for the last 2 rows and claim them.
Jake and i have a massive build planned and would like to claim a radius of 300 (or more, so lets just say the entire desert) around -3200 -3700
Claim your land / vault projeckt - land claim
May 26, 2017, 03:47:25 am
i wanted to claim the land under and some over -2700 -6000
Community / working afk fishing farm
February 13, 2017, 03:34:18 am
yestoday i found and tested a afk fishing farm that works on the server, so i'll share.
the vids i used, in order:

the fishing rod dispenser can just be ignorere. if you have eny problems getting the design right, then i have a working one to look at at my place. if you are not that good at redstone or just rather wanna spend your time on something else, then i'll gladly come build it for your nearly free, as i may need some building materials.
Community / Bob's Bows and Rods
February 09, 2017, 12:27:36 pm
As you might or might not know; i have a shop where a sell perfeckt bows and rods (inc. mending (rods)). the shop can be found at -100 180

I sell bows for 12 diamonds
and my rods for 7 diamonds

The reason these prices may seem high is:
A. books needed
B. lvls needed
C. Prior Work penalty (anvil mecanic). Each time an item is worked on an anvil (not including a rename), its prior work penalty is multiplied by 2 and 1 is added. Thus, if an item has been worked N times the penalty will be 2^N - 1. After six workings, the penalty will be 63 levels, making any further repair or enchantment impossible in survival. -MC wiki
for more info:
Introduce Yourself / guess i'll join
November 30, 2016, 04:33:29 am
What up!

bobbobogaming (said bob-bo-bo-gaming. but call me bob). thin male. dead inside like most of the internet. think of me like a mix of an actor, the horsemen called death and the persofication of the sin sloth. been playing games since atlesst 3 years old. been with the community for what i belive to be 3 years but im not sure.

have had 2 years of pistol shooting. ~14 years of scout.