Ender Dragon Event

Started by ericchoicares, June 09, 2019, 09:18:04 pm

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What should we do about the Ender Dragon

Just kill it already
Wait and actually get an event going/scheduled
I don't care, I'll let others decide
I don't care, my vote doesn't matter
Mom, I'm afraid. Can you come pick me up?
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Creating a poll to pool our discussion on the Ender Dragon event. My understanding is that there have been many grassroots movements on the Ender Dragon (getting a community event together, groups of players wanting to kill it themselves, individuals just wanting to get rid of it, etc.). There was supposed to be a scheduled event today 06/09 but there might have been a misunderstanding due to timezone differences. Feel free to utilize this forum thread as a place of discussion moving onwards regarding the Ender Dragon.


I dont mind who kills it, but it would be cool if a mod could get the egg and display it somewhere safe at spawn. And if any member wants the egg for whatever reason they could borrow it temporarily


Per LittleBilly:

"Can we at least set a new date and time for the dragon? A "kill by date" if you will? So if its not dead by then anyone can go and kill it?"


Also, when does this poll end?


Quote from: Little_Billy17 on June 11, 2019, 06:35:19 amAlso, when does this poll end?

That would've been fucking great to know now wouldn't it
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