How to act like a human without other humans noticing wait this isn't google shi

Started by Ellenoria, April 13, 2017, 11:54:53 pm

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Um. Hi. Sorry for the title. I did not realize it was not Google. I have recently acquired this new body. I mean. Wait.

This is Ellenoria. I am not a Robot. Robots are evil. Is that how I do that.
This is not a Robot.
This is Ellenoria.
I did not realize this was not Google.
Welcome me to the server. Please.
I----I---------I--IIIIII------ *bzzzt*

Elle here, please help. I've been taken over by robots.
Hurry, please, my coordinates are 2----

Nothing to see here. Please. Welcome Ellenoria to the server. That Ellenoria has been on for almost two year(s). Thank you. I will now deal with Ellenoria. I mean I will carry on with my Human like actions.
I am not a Robot.
Ellenoria is lying to you.

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