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Started by Kubimate, July 29, 2017, 05:27:37 am

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Hi everyone, I'm back. I used to play a little back in 2014, you may remember my house with village under it's roof, and free to use auto slimeballs and wheat farm :)

First ender squad, seconds before opening portal. After Ender raid there was some confusion with who took the dragon egg, and long time after first raid, when I was sightseeing others' bases there was one guy who told me he has something to show me, and he got the dragon egg in his basement. That was really fun finding ;)

Friend (who I really only knew from this server) riding my donkey in my house (still WIP).

Inside of my house with roof almost done. I have never finished my house, one day I logged in and it was all gone. New map, new world...

Shame I didn't took more screenshots. Anyway, I hope i'll play a bit this year with you old and new guys :D


assuming your mc username is Kubimate, you have been added to the whitelist!

welcome back :D

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That is correct, thank you  :)

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